Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Despite the advance of technology over the years, dishwashers are still very simple machines with relatively few mechanical parts compared to similar appliances. As such dishwasher troubleshooting is often be a very quick, simple process and seemingly major problems can be often be repaired with just a few simple checks. So before considering paying repair charges to a dishwasher engineer or paying for a replacement part, it is well worth spending a few minutes doing some basic checks to troubleshoot your dishwasher.

Some of the most common problems are –

The Dishwasher is not filling with water

First of all investigate the water supply – is the mains water valve open? Most dishwashers water valves will be found with the pipework underneath the kitchen sink. If the valve is fine it maybe the dishwashers inlet valve causing the problem. Usually accessed behind the panel beneath the dishwashers door, disconnect the power and have a look and see that there is no leaking and that the pipes are all attached tightly.

Another simple check is to make sure that the door seal of the dishwasher is watertight and that door catch is working correctly. If the dishwashers door is not firmly shut and watertight then the dishwasher will not run correctly.

The Dishwasher is not draining properly

It is not unusual for a small amounts of water to remain in the bottom of a dishwashers tub after it has run its program. However the drainage system may be blocked if the there is a lot of water, or if the water does not drain away completely over time. Remove all the filters and strained from the tub floor and give them a good rinse to remove and clogged up dirt.

Below the filters is the drain. Make sure this is clear and free from any blockages. If it is try to clear it with a wire brush or something similar. If the problem persists it is worth checking the drain hose and valve for any kinks or obstructions.

The Dishwashers water is not getting hot

Dishwashers are usually only connected to the mains cold water supply and the water is heated by the element in the dishwasher basin. If the water remains cold during a cycle and is not cleaning your dishes properly then the element may be faulty. It not so simple to test or troubleshoot this unfortunately unless you have some confidence with electrics.

If you do you can remove the panel below the door and use a voltmeter to the heating elements terminals to test it. If it gives no reading or shoots all the way to + or – then the heating element may well be damaged and will need replacing.