Common Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Error Code 09

If you see the error code E09 then the water in the dishwasher is not heating up. Your Bosch dishwasher detects the cold water and stops the rinsing process.

To confirm a heating pump fault, remove the dishwasher from the power supply and pull it out for access. At the back, you’ll find a metal cover on the bottom side fixed with two Torx screws. Remove this, and then the insulation fleece.

Now disconnect the plug of the heating pump – it has two red cables and one green & yellow cable. Take a voltmeter and set the device to resistance measurement. Hold the contacts of the voltmeter at the two connections where the red cables were connected. The heating pump should have a resistance of about 20 Ohm. If a completely different value or infinite resistance is displayed, the heating pump is defective.

A replacement heating pump is a fairly expensive part. Ambitious do-it-yourselfers can carry out the replacement themselves in around an hour. With older appliances, repair is in many cases not worthwhile from a financial point of view as the repair cost will be approaching the price of a brand new dishwasher.

Error Code E15

The error code E15 on Bosch Dishwashers can have two causes. Firstly, the water supply may be disturbed by the flow sensor and secondly, the safety switch in the basin may be activated. In this case, the dishwasher would no longer be able to be switched off.

The fault that this error code is detecting is rarely due to the water supply. The first thing to try is unplugging the dishwasher from the mains for at least 30 minutes. During this time, water that has got into the basin can dissipate and the dishwasher will work again once the power is restored.

In most cases the cause of the error code is that the pump head has become leaky. This can be sealed again with a new silicone sealing ring. The leakage of the pump head usually occurs at high temperatures. The pump head deforms and water can run into the floor pan. To prevent this problem from recurring, the dishwasher bottom should be adequately sealed.

How do I remove water from the basin?

The dishwasher should always be disconnected from the power supply. Then remove the filter so that you can scoop the water out of the dishwasher using a cup. The rest of the water can then soaked up with a cloth so that the dishwasher floor is completely dry. The basin of the dishwasher must then be dried. This is done by removing the front panel of the dishwasher. And then removing the basin so that you can dry it completely with a cloth. In most cases, the error code E15 disappears after all this has been done.

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